Summer Reading Challenge

FBCS Summer Reading Challenge!

Lexile Reading Book Suggestion List (Age-Appropriate List in a Downloadable PDF – sorted by grade then by Lexile. Disclaimer: This does not mean that FBCS necessarily endorses every book on this list. This was compiled from various sources of suggested books by ASCI, also including Newberry Award Winners, Classics, some Christian fiction, biographies, non-fiction and other suggested “good read” books obtained from other sources. Please use parental discretion as to what material is appropriate for your child).  We have added the Lexiles for everything we could find. BJU Press has a Lexile listing for their own books: Lexile Levels for BJU Press Journey Forth Books

Where can I find the Lexile measurement of a book? Lexile levels for many children’s, young adult and teen books may be obtained by searching the following website: (new books are regularly added to this list database by Pearson):; or

 To the Student: 
1). Read books in your “stretch” Lexile band: 5—50 points above your current Lexile level.

2). Record book title, pages, and Lexile measurement of that book. See links below to find books at your level.

3). Meet the goal for your grade this fall:

  • 1st – 2nd Grades: 8 books*
    (*parents may read a maximum of 2 books to their child for credit)
  • 3rd Grade: 8 books 
  • 4th – 6th Grade: 5 books 
  • 7th – 12th Grade: 3 books (avg. at least 200 pages each).  It can be difficult to find age-appropriate or Christian-appropriate books in the highest Lexile levels. Students in 7-12 may read novels over the summer that they will be reading in class the next school year. See table below. Books may be “checked out” over the summer for a $5 book deposit/each.

4). Turn in your completed Summer Reading Challenge Card to your teacher by Wednesday during the first week of school.

5). Enjoy an ice cream party on Friday during the first week of school.

6). Be a part of a special yearbook Summer reading & student survey page.

To the Parent:

What is a Lexile level?

The Lexile Framework for Reading (a simple number followed by an “L” – 850L) is a scientific approach to measuring text difficulty and reading ability. Lexile measures allow you to manage comprehension. Matching a reader’s Lexile measure to a text with the same Lexile measure leads to an expected 75% comprehension rate. A student’s Lexile range spans from 100L below to 50L above their Lexile score.

How do we improve the Lexile Level? Reading material at a slightly higher Lexile level will help raise your student’s comprehension. Selecting material in the “Stretch” Lexile Band will challenge your student to improve. Please see chart below.

NEW STUDENTS to FBCS who do not have a measured Lexile level, should choose books in the Stretch Band for their grade in the fall.

Grade Band Current Lexile Band “Stretch” Lexile Band
1 Up to 300L 200L—400L
2–3 450L–725L 420L–820L
4–5 645L–845L 740L–1010L
6–8 860L–1010L 925L–1185L
9-10 960L–1115L 1050L–1335L
11–12 1070L–1220L 1185L–1385L