Accreditation & Professional Affiliation

Fourth Baptist Christian School is a member of the following organizations:

• Minnesota Association of Christian Schools (MACS)
• American Association of Christian Schools (AACS)


Fourth Baptist Christian School is accredited by the AACS, which is a nationally recognized accrediting agency, locally recognized by the State of Minnesota.

May 2023 Update:  We are happy to announce that after completing a rigorous self-study process, Fourth Baptist Christian School hosted a team of educators for a peer review on May 1-3, 2023.  The visiting team has recommended Fourth Baptist Christian School for full accreditation, with distinction, to the American Association of Christian Schools Accreditation Commission. The official announcement will be made after the June 16th AACS Accreditation meeting.

In May of 2018, an AACS Accreditation team revisited Fourth Baptist Christian School for their 5-year accreditation renewal. Fourth Baptist Christian School has been recommended for a five-year accreditation with ‘distinction.’  The ‘distinction’ part is the “extra honor part.”  The reason for this honor is because our school was given “exemplary” ratings for more than two of the twelve accreditation standards.  This is difficult to do and it is a “big honor” when going through this process.  Needless to say, we are thrilled and I want to take a moment to thank our students, parents, staff and teachers, school board members, supporters, church family, and administration.  This does not happen without a “team effort” and you are all a big part of the success of our school.  I am looking forward to continue working in the improvement process of our school.

The Lord continues to bless our school – let’s be careful to give Him the praise for it.   Thank you again for your support and prayers.