Hot Lunch

Our Hot Lunch Coordinators are Miss Katrina and Miss Kristina Metzler, and they are excited to share some new hot lunch menu items with you! To add your child to the hot lunch add list, please contact Mrs. Shannon Fure.

PRICES:  $4.00/lunch; $5.00/Sr. Class Pizza Fundraiser Lunch. Refunds given with a 24 hour notice; however, absences due to illness or a school activity are automatically credited. Just deduct the amount from your next hot lunch form, and make a note that you are taking a credit from whichever day(s) your child missed. (Please note, there is no lunch period on Early Dismissal Days).

DAILY ADD LIST:  While it really helps us if turn in your order form on Mondays, we do maintain an “add list” for hot lunch on any given day, except for pizza days. If you wish to add your child to the hot lunch list on a given day, please let your child’s teacher or the office know by 10:00am.

FORGOTTEN LUNCH: If your child forgets their lunch, a pepperoni hot pocket will be given, with the other hot lunch components. Please note you will be charged $4 for this. (This is a new policy).

PIZZA DAYS:  Please let us know by the morning BEFORE if you want pizza on Pizza day, as the pizza order is placed 24 hours in advance. It may be possible to add on any given pizza day if we end up with extra pizza, but adding late pizza lunch orders cannot be guaranteed and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Below are printable Hot Lunch order forms — Please return the form with payment to the school office on Mondays, and do not cut the form – it goes into a 3-ring binder.  You are welcome to pay for a month at a time or give $$ towards a hot lunch account for your child. (new menu offerings!) Daily lunches cost $4. Pizza lunch is $5, as it is a senior class fundraiser.