Secondary Discipline System

There are four types of discipline for school infractions:

  1. Conduct Referral/Lunch Detention
  2. P.M. Detention
  3. In-School Suspension
  4. Dismissal from FBCS

Conduct Referral/Lunch Detention:

A student will receive a conduct referral when an infraction of minor significance occurs. This is to let the student know in a visible way that he has crossed the line. Each referral results in a lunch detention and loss of merit points. Accumulated conduct referrals may become an after-school detention. Two (2) conduct referrals for the same reason or three (3) conduct referrals across the board for any reason received in the same calendar week will result in an after-school detention. All conduct referrals are given to the student in writing. Duplicates are kept on file in the school office. Parental signatures are not required, but parents are notified of the total number of referrals and after-school detentions on each quarterly report, for the period covered by that quarter’s report.

Examples of infractions which will earn a conduct referral: (this list is NOT meant to be exhaustive):

  • Intentional distractions or disruptions in class
  • Dress code violations
  • No gym uniform in class
  • Writing, passing or receiving notes in class
  • Horseplay/running/shouting in the halls
  • Unprepared for same class 2x in one week
  • Tardy to class twice in five consecutive school days
  • Assignments overdue three or more days

After-School Detentions:

A student will receive a p.m. detention when an infraction of more significance occurs. Therefore, the discipline is more stringent and the parents are notified by the office by sending home a p.m. detention form for them to sign and return. The time served doubles for each detention in the quarter up to the third detention. (Detention #1 = 30 minutes, #2 = 1 hr., #3 = 2 hrs. The two-hour detention must be served over two days; for example, 1 hr. one night and the second hr. the next night.) Each after-school detention also carries a fine of $1 per 30 minutes served. In the event that a student earns a fourth detention in the same quarter, that student is automatically suspended for one day. A fifth detention means another one day suspension. Any student who earns a third suspension for accumulated referrals in the same quarter places himself in serious jeopardy of dismissal from FBCS.

ALL p.m. detentions will be served after school in a room designated for that purpose and will take place at least one day after they are issued (unless special arrangements are made with Mr. Hazard). This is to give the student ample time to make transportation arrangements. P.M. detention notices will be issued by the office. When a teacher assigns a p.m. detention, he/she will submit a detention slip to the office. A copy goes to the student to be signed by the parent and returned. The detention monitor will receive his copy from the office. After the detention is served, the detention monitor’s copy is returned to the school office and is placed in the student’s file for the remainder of that school year.

When a student receives a p.m. detention form, he is to take it home and have his parent sign it. When the student reports to serve the detention, he must give the detention monitor the signed detention form and fine money in cash. The student MUST have both to be admitted. If he does not have both the signed form and fine and cannot produce them in a timely fashion, he will receive another detention. The money goes to defray the cost of paying the detention monitor. While in detention, the student does an assignment given by the monitor. There is absolutely NO talking in the detention room.

Examples of infractions that will earn a p.m. detention (this list is NOT meant to be exhaustive):

  • Lying
  • Disrespect for authority
  • Chewing gum
  • Use of restricted areas without permission
  • Assignments at least 5 school days overdue
  • Profane, vulgar or improper language
  • Repeated conduct referral offenses
  • Forging parental signatures
  • Deliberate/continued harassment of others
  • Minor vandalism (compensation required)
  • Accumulated unexcused tardies/absences


Suspensions are assigned for repeated or serious violations of school rules as well as accumulation of detentions. The suspension is 1-5 days in length depending on the severity of the infraction and may be assigned as in-school or out-of-school at the administration’s discretion. All daily work assigned during the suspension receives an automatic zero (0%), and all quizzes and tests will begin with a grade of D (75%) with incorrect answers deducted from there. A student that receives a suspension automatically becomes ineligible for the quarter for all extra-curricular activities. Depending on the severity of the offense and at the administration’s discretion, the student may not be allowed to represent the school at public events or programs, including all athletic, music, speech/drama events, graded or extra-curricular.

Examples of infractions that will earn a suspension (this list is NOT meant to be exhaustive):

  • Fighting
  • Rebellious attitude/Blatant disrespect
  • Cheating on a test
  • Vandalism
  • Accumulated p.m. detention offenses


Dismissal from school is reserved for repeated or very serious rule violations. The possession of or association with tobacco, alcohol, or non-medicinal drugs (in or outside of school); arrest and conviction of breaking the law; gambling; inappropriate sexual behavior; breaking into the building, a room or locker; stealing; bringing a weapon to school; actual or threatened bodily harm with a weapon; or an accumulation of suspensions are examples of such violations that could result in dismissal from FBCS.

Suspensions and dismissals will be noted on the student’s permanent record.