School Visitation

All student and/or parent visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s badge from the school office upon entering the building. The administration stands ready to answer questions and to offer tours of the school to prospective school families at any time. The school office outside entrance door is a secured entryway. Please use the buzzer for entry into the school building.

Prospective students may visit during class time with prior approval from the office. Request must be made at least one day in advance with the respective principal. All visitors must report to the school office first, properly dressed according to FBCS code, with a lunch if spending the day. Visits by nonprospective students are rare, but may take place over the lunch period with prior permission from the office. School rules apply to all visitors.

Please note on the school calendar the FBCS Grandparent & Parent Visitation Day for all grades K4-12. This is a special time for grandparents and parents to visit their student’s classroom in the elementary or several classes in the secondary, as the case may be. Please consult your child’s class schedule (Gr. 7 – 12) to determine the best time(s) to visit.