School Parking

All student drivers are to register their vehicles with the office. Student drivers are to park in the lot directly south of the Atrium entrance doors. They are not to loiter in their vehicles or in the lot, but are to enter the building promptly upon arrival. Students may not return to their vehicles during the day without permission from the office. Parents may also use the south lot or the main lot west of the school building. Lock your vehicles. Do not leave valuables in parked cars. Student driving is a privilege and responsibility that may be curtailed or revoked if abused.

Parents must observe traffic patterns at all times. DO NOT leave vehicles unattended in fire lanes and drive lanes as these are technically areas that can be patrolled and ticketed by the Plymouth police.

DO NOT park at the curb outside the school office door. Please park in the parking lot if you need to enter the office. 

DO NOT park at the curb outside the elementary library entrance door. This area is for drop off only. Parking and leaving your vehicle unattended inhibits the morning drop off traffic flow.