School Books and Materials

Student Responsibility for School Materials/School Property:  Students are responsible for all books and equipment loaned to them during the school year, and they must pay for any lost or damaged materials, regardless of the circumstances under which the books or equipment were lost or damaged. Students needing to borrow clothing for dress code violation or any other reason from the office must return the clothing before report cards will be released.

Student Textbooks:  All elementary and secondary books are to becovered at all times with a removable covering. Do not use contact paper.  Most paperback books are already covered in contact paper to protect them. Stretchy book covers are not to be used on paper back books, unless a piece of strong cardboard cut the same size as the book cover is used between the stretchy cover and the book – for both front and back. Students will find that the paper wrappers from reams of copier paper, brown grocery bags, posterboard and the like will cover books well. Do not tape the cover to the book. 

Student School Supplies:  The student’s name should be marked on all notebooks, gym uniforms, jackets, coats, etc.  Pencils, pens, erasers, and paper are to be provided by the students. A supply list comes out during the summer for items needed for each specific class and will be posted to this website under “News and Info.”  

In the secondary departments, students may be required to have a separate notebook or binder for each subject. Notebooks that are routinely corrected by the teacher must have wide lines. Notebooks should be approximately 8.5 x 11 inches. It is requested that spiral notebooks with “confetti edges” not be purchased, for janitorial reasons. Straight-edged, three-hole punches filler paper is required for turning in homework.

Gym Class Uniforms: Gym uniforms are to be worn by 9th grade students during physical education (P.E.) classes. 6th- 8th graders may opt to purchase a gym uniform for junior high sports practices. These may be purchased in the school office or at parent/student orientation night. Rubber-soled, non-marking tennis shoes (sneakers), required for gym time at all grade levels, must be furnished by the students.

Student Projects:  Secondary student projects which are constructed from materials purchased by the school and which are eventually taken home must be paid for by the student. The cost, to be assigned by the teacher, must adequately reflect all tangible materials furnished by the school. This policy applies to industrial arts, home economics, science, art, etc. (some science and history projects are at the sole discretion of the student to purchase items at their own cost).

The posting of any banners or announcements and the distribution of any flyers must receive approval from the Administration in advance. These are to be removed promptly when the event is concluded.

Lockers:  Elementary students are not allowed to place any locks on their lockers. These lockers are to be used for storing outdoor clothing while in school, and other items at the teacher’s discretion. Lockers are not to be climbed on.

Locks for secondary student lockers may be secured from the office with a $10 deposit, which is refunded at the end of the year when the lock is returned in good condition. Students may not provide their own locks.

To protect schoolbooks and personal items, students should never divulge their locker combinations to other students.  The office will not release a student’s locker combination to another student. Entering another student’s locker without his or her knowledge or permission is a serious offense and is subject to appropriate discipline.

Lockers are to be cleaned at least once a month.

Locker areas (floor and hallway) must remain free of debris during the school day. All students are requested to do their part in keeping this area clean and neat. All hallways are high traffic areas.

All lockers are to be completely free (inside and outside) of any stickers, posters, door hangings, etc. The lockers are to be used only for book and clothing storage. Temporary dividers/organizers may be used. Special administrative permission must be obtained to affix special honors/recognition upon lockers. Sports materials are to be removed at the end of each season.

Student lockers and much of their contents are the property of the school. In the rare event that the administration should deem it necessary to enter and check a locker, student permission may not be requested.