PSEO – Post Secondary Enrollment Option

FBCS does not participate in the off-site Post Secondary Enrollment Option. However, full-time FBCS juniors and seniors who qualify for PSEO courses may participate on-site and receive additional elective credits through pre-approved Distance Education programs. Courses offered by FBCS may not be substituted by PSEO courses. FBCS grants diplomas to full-time, on-site students who have completed all of the stated requirements.

Dual Enrollment

Juniors and Seniors may take PSEO classes on campus. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 classes at FBCS with 2 college courses or 6 FBCS classes and 1 college course. They must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA. Students earn both high school elective and college credit. Six to eight dual enrollment credit hours is equivalent to one high school credit. Three to four dual enrollment credit hours is equivalent to ½ high school credit. No college course may be taken in lieu of a course which is offered at FBCS. College courses will not be weighted on the high school academic records. Final approval for participation must be obtained from the school administrator prior to August 1 for the upcoming school year. All dual enrollment courses must be taken at FBCS.