Monroe Welcome

Classes: Jr. High World Studies, Geography 9-10, Government 11-12, Pre-Algebra 7, Economics 12 (2nd semester)

Key Verse: Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

1. Respect the Lord and His Word
2. Respect the rights and thoughts of others
3. Respect school property and rules
4. Respect yourself – do your best

1. Love the Lord and His Word
2. Maturity (Growth) – as a believer and a student to be prepared to be used of God
a. Spiritually
b. Character
c. Academic

1. History classes – 34% tests, 33% quizzes, 33% homework
2. Math and Speech classes – 50 % tests, 50 % homework

Synopsis of classes:

World Studies – Beginning in the late Middle Ages, we will cover key historical changes in Europe, and how those changes affected the development of the Western Hemisphere.  In the second semester we will be looking at the conquering of Asia and Africa along with the conflicts created by new philosophies and governments.
Main project will be History Fair.

Geography – We will be concentrating on the location, key features, capitals and important cities, and some important facts concerning the states of the US and the countries of the world.
Main projects will be History Fair and a state project.

Government – Beginning with a Biblical view of government and a look at America’s success, our first chapters deal with a short history of our government.  We will then focus on constitutional terms and principles and how it applies to each branch of government.

Pre-Algebra:  We will be concentrating on math terms, rules, and principles to ground students in their math abilities and to prepare them for success in Algebra I.