Gr. 7 – 10 English Interactive Notebooks

Requirements for Interactive Notebook – (referred to as INB):

* Write your name and grade on the cover.

*Bring the INB to class EVERY DAY.

* Only use a small amount of glue to insert items, no glue stick. NOTE: You cannot write on the item when the glue is wet. Either fill out the item before gluing, or allow time for item to dry before writing.

* Number the pages in the top, outside corners of the page.

* Insert the Table of Contents on the first three pages, and UPDATE it each time you add an item to your INB.

* All items must be inserted on the assigned page. If the homework calendar says, “INB p 3 verb tenses,” that means you glue the verb tenses item on page 3. Make sure you write “verb tenses” on page 3 of the Table of Contents.

* Grammar items begin on page 1.

* Poems begin on page 91.

* Vocab quizzes (definition portion ONLY) begin on page 101. Insert vocab quizzes WEEKLY!

* Literature items are in the remaining part of the INB.

* All items must be complete for full credit on INB checks.

* INB checks will be noted on the homework calendar: INB check.

* INB checks can be at any time, approximately 2 per month, but always have your INB up to date when you have a TEST (grammar, literature, and vocab).

* Place a grading rubric inside the front cover of your INB for grading. You MUST fill out your name on the rubric.

Download an Interactive Notebook Grading Rubric HERE (link not active yet)