Extra-Curricular Fees

Sports Fees For Full-Time Students 

Sports Fee – JV/Varsity
Assessed per player, per sport, on student’s school bill.

Sports Fee – Junior High
Assessed per player, per sport, on student’s school bill.


Sports & Extra Curricular Eligibility 

Student academic eligibility will be determined twice during each quarter: at midterm and quarter reports. Extracurricular activities include all sports, managing, school plays, class officers, and special ensembles. Activities and programs for which a student receives academic credit are not extracurricular.

  1. If the midterm or quarter report shows an “F” or more than one “D,” that student may not participate in any performance or game until the next report. A student who remains ineligible for 2 consecutive reporting periods may not attend practice as well. Report grades are cumulative. Eligibility begins/ends at 3:15 p.m. the day reports are issued.
  2. Any student who intends to participate in inter-scholastic sports must have on file a physical exam signed by a medical doctor or surgeon, not a chiropractor. The physical exam must have been conducted within the past 3 years. Camp physicals qualify, but need to be on file in the school office.
  3. Students absent or tardy on game days are ineligible to participate in all activities on that day. Students are also expected to be in school the day following an athletic game.