ESL Welcome

Welcome to our ESL Page

Typically, the way we acquire a language starts with listening and speaking and then progresses to reading and writing. This basic understanding is then paralleled with how we learn a new language. Each student that qualifies for ESL help is tested to see where his/her strengths and weakness are and I tailor make lesson plans to help each student progress to their fullest potential.  We use the WIDA MODEL as our testing resource. It is used throughout the United States and is viewed and one of the most comprehensive tests available.

Early Elementary- From shapes to numbers, letters sounds to reading, it all happens here! Listening and speaking is the goal for this age group. We also begin reading and writing .

Upper Elementary – Reading, writing and test taking skills are the basic foundations we focus on. I am also available to help with homework and assist with tests.

JH and High School – Switching from conversational English to academic English has proven difficult over the years. Typically I help pre-teach and post-teach most of the student’s classes as well as help with homework .I also assist each student in prepping and taking tests and quizzes.

Foreign Exchange Students- American English is a difficult language to learn. My goal is to see each student comfortable with conversational English. I provide a safe encouraging environment that allows students to try and test out new sounds and words. I prepare guided listening and speaking exercises as well as reading and writing drills. Phonics has been proven as one of the most efficient ways in teaching students how to read. It helps isolate sounds and I aid in correct pronunciation. We read American literature, study American vocabulary, write essays and learn grammar. I also pre-teach and post-teach their classes and assist with homework questions as academic language can take several years to completely understand. We also prep for the TOEFL exam. Learning English is Fun!!