Emergency Announcements

There are several options to receiving school closing and emergency notifications.  All school closing announcements due to weather, etc., will be posted on this website and we will activate our One-Call Emergency Calling System to notify parents and of school closings or delays.  We will update our school website with the closing information also. Decisions regarding school closings will be made by 6:30 a.m., if possible.  If you do not receive a call through our One-Call Emergency Calling System, assume we will have school as usual.

If inclement weather causes your family or carpool to be tardy or absent on a day when we are having school, please e-mail sfure@fourthbaptist.org and PLEASE DO NOT CALL the school office to let us know of your student’s absence or tardiness.  We are not equipped to handle a flood of calls on inclement weather days. 

If inclement weather rolls in on a school day already in session and you wish to pick up your student early, please just come and you may pick up your student at their classroom when you arrive. It is not possible to have every student ready to meet their parents at the office on an inclement weather day, and it may take parents longer than they think to arrive at school.  Students may not call home to see if they can leave school early. This is solely the parents’ decision.  Parents of student drivers may call to request that their student driver (and his/her carpool) leave early.