Drop Off & Pick Up

AM Drop-Off:

The school day begins at 8:30 AM for all grades.  Although supervision in the atrium begins at 7:45 AM, it is strongly recommended that students not enter the building prior to 8:00 AM unless a teacher has requested a meeting for special purposes.  All students arriving before 8:15 AM are to enter the building through the atrium. This is the main school entrance on the lower level at the south end of the building.  Please enter the property from the frontage road and proceed south along the east side of the school.  This will keep a uniform flow of traffic and place all incoming vehicles on the school side of the drive. Elementary students arriving after 8:15 AM may use the upper level entrance near the library.  Secondary students are always to use the atrium entrance.  Please do not use the church and seminary entrances as school entrances.  The same is true for the doors on the lower level near the industrial arts shop.

NOTE: Between 8:30 AM and 3:15 PM, all students, parents and visitors must enter through the school office, located on the lower level just inside the southeast stairwell doors.

PM Pick-Up:

All students will be dismissed through the atrium.  Please use the same traffic pattern as in the morning; south along the east side of the building, then west across the front of the atrium.  This will bring all of the vehicles along the sidewalk.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED along the curb as all of these areas around the buildings are fire lanes, and inhibit traffic flow.  You could be ticketed by the Plymouth police, should they decide to patrol the area.  Vehicles are not exempt from this law, even on “private property.”  If your student is not usually one of the first out of the building, or you are entering the building, park your vehicle in the parking lot out of the traffic flow.  All students and adults are to use the painted crosswalk in going to and from the south parking lot.  Please do not use the church and seminary entrances or the doors on the lower level near the industrial arts shop as pick-up points for students at the end of the school day.

As always, extreme care must be exercised by all drivers at these high volume, high activity times.  Please follow any instructions from the designated adult on duty in the PM.  We will seek to release the students as safely and promptly as possible.  Consult the “School Hours” section in the handbook for other AM and PM school information.