Dress Code


Fourth Baptist Christian School desires that its students dress and conduct themselves in a manner that is pleasing to God. We believe that a student’s dress and physical appearance are very important in their personal testimony before others. We are not interested in lowering our dress standard, but raising it so that our school environment sets a higher standard for learning and for the sake of our testimony. Students and parents are expected to select clothing* that maintains a high standard to help ensure a safe learning environment which promotes the following four categories:


  1. – Is my dress modest, chaste, decent and observing Biblical proprieties?
  2. – Does my appearance honor the Lord? Does my appearance point others to Christ and not to me?
  3. – Is my appearance enhancing the learning environment?
  4. – Is my appearance such that demonstrates I am willing to restrict my personal tastes/rights for the sake of the larger group and our  
       school’s testimony?


Choosing to attend FBCS implies an agreement between the school and the student’s family. That agreement means that parents and students abide by the standards of dress set forth by the school. If we were to sum up our dress code, it would be that we are seeking to teach our students to dress in a business casual style of dress that promotes learning. Modesty is the prevailing principle as well as common sense and neatness. Good grooming and a clean, neat appearance is what we are looking for in our students’ dress.


If you think of our school dress code as a “uniform-type” dress code, without having us tell you which specific brands to purchase, or which colors, our dress code becomes fairly simple.  Because we haven’t adopted a strict uniform dress code, we offer more freedom in styles and patterns of shirts and skirts.  But the idea behind a uniform dress code is what we are looking for.  Business-casual clothing that fits properly, not tight, and in a non-distracting manner is our goal.  If parents or students are unsure of an article of clothing, please bring that article of clothing in to the school office so that we can see it before the student wears it to school. Our secretaries will let you know if it can be worn at school. Should a student arrive at school in violation of the dress code, he or she will report to the school office and remain there until proper attire is secured. If necessary, parents will be called to bring in appropriate clothing so that the student may return to class. All class periods missed for this reason are considered unexcused. Repeated disregard for the dress standard is cause for further disciplinary action.


In the case of a pre-announced “dress down day” – commonly referred to as “Blue Jeans and Warrior Spirit T-shirt Day” – nice loose-fitting blue jeans may be worn (without distressing, holes, not frayed and not tight or form-fitting) may be worn with any FBCS T-shirt. This is also what we ask our students to wear to home or away games. Student spectators are not to wear shorts to athletic events regardless of the season or location of the event.


*Please make sure you read the dress code carefully before going “back to school” shopping.


Physical Education Uniforms & Sports Practice Attire: Students in grade 9 must purchase a gym uniform for Physical Education class through FBCS and wear the uniform for all P.E. classes. (All other students in sports practices are to wear appropriate T-shirts – not tank tops – and LONG shorts – near the knee, NOT mid-thigh – for all sports practices.) Students not complying will be required to change into something appropriate.


Special school events: Students are expected to dress appropriately for programs and activities taking place in our building. School attire is the minimum standard on such occasions.** This includes Sports Awards Nights, all Concerts, MACS events, History /Science Fairs and School Plays, even if the student is attending only as a spectator at the event.

**The exception is athletic games and tournaments: Students may wear nice jeans to athletic games, but may not wear athletic or sweat pants unless the student is also a playing in the games.


MACS Speech or Fine Arts Festivals or other such events may require students to attend in a higher standard of dress than the daily school attire. If that is the case, notification will be given to the parents and students.


Volunteer Helpers & Parents: Adults are asked to honor the student dress standards for the event when helping in the classroom, the library, with hot lunch, on field trips or at school functions that occur during the regular school hours.


General Dress Code Reminders:


If an article of clothing needs repeated attention—pulling down, pulling up, readjusting—to meet dress code guidelines, then that item is NOT in dress code.

Please enter and leave school in dress code unless you are leaving directly from a last period P.E. class or sports practice. P.E. and sports practice attire must be modest, and shorts must be near the knee. (See Physical Education Uniforms & Sports Practice Attire above).

Outdoor winter coats and jackets should not be worn in class. If a student is cold, a neat sweater, a plain light microfleece jacket, track jacket, or sweatshirt may be worn over a dress code shirt.



  • FABRICS: See-thru fabrics may not be worn—this includes any type of sheer fabric, lace, loosely crocheted weave, etc. also including shrugs, cardigans and cover-ups—UNLESS a top that meets dress code on it’s own merit is worn underneath the see-thru item.
  • NECKLINE: Front AND back no lower than 3 finger widths (in the front—place index finger on collar bone; in the back—place index finger at base of neck). A boat-neck, V-neck, or loose neckline generally requires a cami or crewneck shirt underneath for modesty. Necklines should stay high regardless of student posture—leaning over a desk/table or bending down at a locker, etc. (Girls are encouraged to check their necklines in front of a mirror at home in various postures to be sure their shirt’s neckline stays modest.) NO cleavage/separation or undergarment/camisole straps may be visible at any time. Scarves are an accessory, not to be used to try to camoflauge an item not meeting dress code.
  • CAMISOLES: Camisoles may be worn to help a shirt meet dress code.       Camisoles may need to be pinned up to stay in place and that should be done at home before the student comes to class. Proper undergarments must be worn by young ladies such that they are not visible under clothing. Camisoles may require pinning to stay in place; this is to be done before the student arrives at school.
  • SCREENPRINTING/PATTERNS: Tops in a printed fabric or all-over screen-printing/embroidery of flowers or butterflies, etc. that look dressy are acceptableas long as they don’t include words.
    NO LOGOS—brand/manufacturer/Sports team logos or otherwise—words, numbers, symbols (except a SMALL manufacturer’s logo or FBCS logo).
    NO WORDING across the front, back or down the sleeves will be allowed, EXCEPT on a Warrior spirit shirt or Warrior team shirt.
    NO LARGE PICTURES/SYMBOLS on the shirt (i.e. hearts, cartoon/Disney characters, peace symbols, smiley faces, animals, etc.) These do not meet the high standard of dress we desire. We are desiring a “business casual” standard of dress.
    Elementary K4 & K5 exception:       the above rule is waived for K4 and K5; shirts may have numbers and/or pictures as long as they are not deemed inappropriate for our Christian school standards.
  • SLEEVES: Minimum: short sleeves or longer. NO sleeveless items. This includes dresses.
  • LENGTH: Tops must be long enough that no midriff or back skin is exposed, regardless of posture/position. Girls can choose to tuck or untuck their blouses, as long as a dressy look is maintained.


  • SWEATER/JACKET: Our building can be cold at times. A neat sweater/cardigan, track jacket, FBCS warm-up shirt or jacket (on designated game days), plain polar fleece/microfleece jacket/pullover—may be worn OVER a top that meets dress code if a student is cold. (As always, a proper dress code shirt is to be worn underneath). NO LOGOS, except a small manufacturer’s logo,unless it is an FBCS logo.
  • HOODIES: NO hoodies of any kind may be worn in school, except on the playground. It is not acceptable to simply tuck in the hood. Exception: Hoodies may be worn at athletic games.


  • Loose fitting, straight leg or boot-cut chino style, corduroy, and dress pants (below the ankle) is what we ask for our girl students. All pants/slacks must be business casual or dressy in style. Pants must not be form fitting or fit like leggings. Skinny jeans or skinny cut pants are NOT acceptable. Even if purchased in a larger size so that they appear wrinkly, skinny cut pants do not meet our dress standard.  
  • NO knit pants (T-shirt knit or legging fabric or velour) are to be worn.
  • NO jeans, jeggings, leggings, stretch pants, leather, vinyl, velvet, camouflage, overalls, capris, or athletic/wind/sweat pants are to be worn.
  • NO printed pants. Pants are to be a solid color or pinstripe only. Please purchase only chino or dress pant style pants. Elementary Exception: Girls in K4 – 6 may wear patterend pants.


  • Gr. K – 3— Skirts/Dresses are to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee when standing.
  • Gr. 4 – 6— Skirts/Dresses must cover the kneecap when standing.
  • Gr. 7 – 12—Skirts/Dresses must cover the kneecap when standing AND sitting. Solid color nylons or tights may be worn underneath dresses/skirts, but no leggings.
  • Elementary Girls in Grades K – 6 are encouraged to wear close-fitting playground shorts,
    knit pants or leggings under their skirts for gym and playground modesty.
  • Skirts are to be worn AT THE WAIST. If a skirt is not at minimum covering the kneecap when worn properly at the waist, that skirt does not meet dress code.
  • NO pencil skirts, and NO tight/clingy fabrics. Skirts/dresses should not be form-fitting or tight.
    Long maxi skirts are in fashion and are a better choice than shorter skirts or straight skirts that may ride up when the girl is seated.
  • Slits are to be no higher than the top of the kneecap (sewn, not pinned).


  • Traditional casual, dress shoes, and sandals—laced and tied/buckled securely or athletic shoes are acceptable. NO heels are to be higher than 2 inches (measured at the BACK of the shoe or boot).
  • Dress boots to the knee are acceptable, and pants may be tucked into them provided the heels are not over 2 inches.
  • NO athletic/beach-type slides or flip-flops. NO Crocs.


  • Generally speaking, we ask for jewelry that is minimal, tasteful, and appropriate
  • Earrings on the lobe only (no earrings up along the side/inside/ top of the ear)
  • NO other body piercings or tattoos
  • NO hats, sunglasses, bandanas, visors, crazy headbands, etc.


  • Clean, neat, feminine appearance


  • NO unnatural hair color
  • Minimal/natural looking cosmetics
  • NO cosmetics for girls in grades K-6




  • Solid color chino style twill, corduroy, conservative cargo, or dress pants. Pants must fit properly.
    Pants must be solid colored, NO plaids or camouflage.
  • NO JEANS or DENIM pants for Grades 7 – 12, except on designated Jeans Days

Gr. K – 6 Exception—Elementary boys may wear black, gray or brown denim pants (not blue jeans) because we know that boys are especially hard on their pants in the gym and on the playground.

  • Pants are to be worn at the waist. If the pants are too loose to stay up, a belt must be worn.
  • NO frayed/torn pants, ripped knees, excessively long or baggy pants, athletic/wind/sweat or drawstring pants. Pants must be clean and in good condition/repair when a student arrives at school.


  • Gr. K – 6—may wear a collared or a nice non-collared shirt (not just an undershirt)
  • Gr. 7 – 12—must wear a collared shirt (polo, rugby, turtleneck, button-up dress shirt)
  • Only 2 buttons may be unbuttoned. Shirt must be worn tucked in unless square-cut along the waist and not falling below hips.
  • NO LOGOS—brand/manufacturer/Sports team logos or otherwise—numbers, symbols (except       a SMALL manufacturer’s logo or FBCS logo). NO WORDING across the front, back or down the sleeves will be allowed, EXCEPT on a Warrior spirit shirt or an FBCS team shirt. Team members may wear an FBCS warm-up shirt on their game days. K4 & K5 exception: this rule waived for K4 and K5; shirts may have numbers/pictures as long as they are not inappropriate for our Christian school standards. (NO SKULLS.)


  • SWEATER/JACKET: Our building can be cold at times. A plain/neat sweater/cardigan, track jacket, or plain micro-fleece jacket —may be worn OVER a shirt that meets dress code if a student is cold. (As always, a proper dress code shirt with collar is to be worn underneath). NO LOGOS on the jacket, except for a small, manufacturer’s logo, unless it is an FBCS logo.
  • HOODIES: NO hoodies of any kind may be worn in school, except on the playground. Exception: Hoodies may be worn at athletic games.


  • Traditional athletic, casual and dress shoes – laced and tied securely.
  • Socks are required.
  • NO athletic/beach-type slides or flip-flops. No crocs.


  • Watches and rings ONLY at school; NO necklaces or bracelets of any kind.
  • No body piercings or tattoos.
  • NO hats, bandanas, visors, sunglasses.


  • Off the ears, eyebrows, and collar — NOT bushy
  • NO unnatural hair color or designs cut into hair
  • Clean shaven, sideburns no longer than the middle of the earlobe