Bus Rules

FBCS uses its buses for field trips and sporting events. Students who do not follow the bus rules will be subject to the regular disciplinary procedures of the school:

  1. Students are not to get on, get off, or move about within the bus while the bus is in motion.
  2. The driver/teacher/coach is the authority on the bus. They may assign seats if necessary. Students are not to change seats without permission and are to use the seatbelts when available.
  3. Outside of ordinary conversation, students will observe classroom conduct while on the bus. Yelling is not permitted.
  4. No food, beverage, or gum is allowed on the bus unless specific permission is given.
  5. A student’s body (arms, head, etc.) must not be extended out of the bus window, door or roof hatch at any time. It is a violation of the state law to throw anything out of the bus at any time.