6th Grade Student Links

Below are links to some fun learning games and research sites. Remember to use wise Internet skills!

Current Events: Star Tribune or Time for Kids

MN History Sites:

Language Arts

  • Wild Word West – Are you a word defining pro? Match each word to its correct definition…
  • Aton Ra: The Lost Statue – Explore Egypt’s ancient civilization and solve word puzzles with this spelling game.
  • Analogies Jeopardy Game –Play with yourself or with a partner to test your knowledge of analogies.
  • CNN Stories – Choose a topic, read news stories, and do activities using vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing, and more.


  • Math Tutorial Videos – need to remind yourself how to do something? Watch at Khan Academy here!
  • Math Games – Angles, Place Value, Multiplying by 10, Comparing Fractions & Decimals, Prime Factoring
  • Fraction Frenzy – Match the equivalent fractions before the time runs out. See how far you can go!
  • Sudoku Online – Play Sudoku online!
  • Order of Operations – See how many questions you can answer correctly in 2 minutes! Remember: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally


  • ** Spelling Practice ** – Enter our spelling words and this website will teach you the words, help you learn the list by putting the words in a game, AND test you!
  • Spell Check Game –Choose the hard level to practice and test your spelling skills!
  • Mad Libs – Enjoy filling in the missing parts of speech to create a crazy story!


  • Famous Scientists – 100 Famous Scientists and how they changed the world.
  • Left-Right Brain Struggle – Test yourself to see if you can outsmart this game!
  • Amusement Park Physics – Read the information and click on the links on the diagram on the bottom. You can even click on a link to design your own roller coaster!