Job Openings

If there are needed positions for School Year 2018-19, they will be posted here. Our expected enrollment for 2019-2020 school year: 280-310


  • Assistant Administrator – Full-time – To include administrative and some teaching responsibilities.
  • Secondary Science – Full or Part-time – Bachelor’s degree in Biology or Chemistry required.
  • Secondary History – Part or Full-time in combination with other areas needed.
  • Secondary English – Part or Full-time in combination with other areas needed.
  • Elementary Teacher Grade 6 – Full-time – self-contained classroom

Requirements: Education degree preferred. All applicants must have a strong testimony of their salvation in Jesus Christ, a calling to work with children in a Christian school, and a willingness to become members of Fourth Baptist Church.

Resumes, written testimony, and an introductory letter should be sent to: Mr. Alan J. Hodak, Administrator, Tel: (763) 417-8240

NOTE:  All positions require a completed application, reference checks, interview, background check, and a clear testimony of salvation and evidence of a walk and relationship with Christ. Membership/attendance at Fourth Baptist Church is required for full-time positions, and preferred for part-time positions. Membership/attendance at like-minded churches in faith and practice will be considered for part-time positions.