Student Handbook

View a downloadable PDF version of the Student Handbook 2017-18 FINAL VERSION

The Student Handbook may be revised from year to year, but the basic substance remains pretty much the same.  In addition to our Statement of Faith and General Information about Fourth Baptist Christian School, inside the Handbook you will find our school’s policies governing areas such as:  Absences, Academics, After School Care, Attendance & Tardies, Athletics, Cell Phone Usage, Conduct, Student Discipline, Dress Code, Extra-Curricular Activities, Family Emergencies, Field Trips, Financial Information, Illness Policies, International Students, Medical Appointments and Medications, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Special events, Textbooks, etc.

The Dress Code is typically updated from year to year to reflect the changing styles. Download our PDF handout for  FBCS Dress Code 2017-18

Please read through with your child to make sure you understand and agree with our policies.

Signing the Parent Partnership Agreement indicates that you and your students have read and agree to abide by the policies and regulations stated therein.