PSEO & Honors Program

PSEO Dual Credit and Honors Program at FBCS (see pdf handout below, given out in a Zoom meeting on 12/7/22 in preparation for the 2022-23 school year.) Please note, the name of the History Course has changed from HIS1005 History of Western Civilization to HIS1005 Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief, & Civilization. (same course, new title).

State of Minnesota Department of Education PSEO Enrollment Form:

Helpful links for UNWSP PSEO Courses: (see UNWSP PSEO calendar below)

The following courses from the University of Northwestern @ St. Paul (UNWSP) may be taken from UNWSP for dual credit at FBCS:

  • HIS1005 Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief, & Civilization – 4 c (satisfies requirememt for 2 semesters of World History at FBCS)
  • LIT1100 Introduction to Literature – 4 cr (satisfies requirememt for first semester of British Literature only at FBCS)
  • POS2005 U.S. National Government – 4 cr  (satisfies requirememt for 1 semester of U.S. Goverment at FBCS)

Faith Baptist Bible College Honors Bible Courses:

FBCS partners with Faith Baptist Bible College to offer live instruction of 2 Bible courses per year that juniors & seniors may take for dual credit. Currently, Faith is offering the following courses at the rate of $125 per credit hour for the 3-credit courses. ($375 total per course). Mr. Jim Hunter, Th.M., Central Baptist Theological Seminary and M.Div., Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • New Testament Survey
  • Introduction to Bible Study
  • Old Testament Law, History & Poetry
  • Old Testament Prophets