PSEO & Honors Program

PSEO Dual Credit and Honors Program at FBCS (see pdf handout below).

Please note, the name of the History Course has changed from HIS1005 History of Western Civilization to HIS1005 Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief, & Civilization. (same course, new title).

State of Minnesota Department of Education PSEO Enrollment Form:

Helpful links for UNWSP PSEO Courses: (see UNWSP PSEO calendar below)

The following courses from the University of Northwestern @ St. Paul (UNWSP) may be taken from UNWSP for dual credit at FBCS:

  • HIS1005 Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief, & Civilization – 4 cr (satisfies requirement for 2 semesters of World History at FBCS)
  • LIT1100 Introduction to Literature – 4 cr (satisfies requirement for first semester of British Literature only at FBCS)
  • POS2005 U.S. National Government – 4 cr  (satisfies requirement for 1 semester of U.S. Government at FBCS)

Faith Baptist Bible College Honors Bible Courses:

FBCS partners with Faith Baptist Bible College to offer live instruction of 2 Bible courses per year that juniors & seniors may take for dual credit. Currently, Faith is offering the following courses at the rate of $125 per credit hour for the 3-credit courses. ($375 total per course). Courses are taught by Mr. Jim Hunter, Th.M., Central Baptist Theological Seminary and M.Div., Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • Old Testament Law, History & Poetry
  • Old Testament Prophets
  • New Testament Survey
  • Introduction to Bible Study