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Links & Resources for Parents & Students (scroll down for Christian College Website Links)

College Readiness: – a testing site for students to aid in career planning by determining interests & abilities.  There is a small fee for this service. – a website filled with information to prepare students for college, including scholarships and financial aid. — a website filled with information about college admission, college life, career schools, scholarships, and financial aid.

College Information: – College degrees available online.  – Degrees available in Social Work – a site for searching 7,000 accredited colleges and universities by major offerings.  (please note that not all Christian colleges are included in this site). – request FREE Christian college information – a guide to accredited Christian colleges  Online Colleges Guide.  Compare reviews for online colleges.  – A searchable website that helps students find accurate resources and tips on how to obtain a bachelor’s degree online. – which lists Minnesota colleges, community colleges, and career schools. – Guide to finding accredited online degrees.  – Online affordable college degree options

Financial Aid Resources/Scholarships/Textbooks – Chegg college textbooks rental/used/new.  Great resource for saving $$ on college textbooks.  You can practically find any required books in rental version, used purchase version, or new purchase version.  Also, when books are RENTED and your rental period ends, they send you a reminder just before & you log in when it’s close to time to return to print a FREE UPS label to return them in the box they arrived in. – How to write a scholarship essay – an instant online GPA calculator.– a Guide to attending college debt free. – Scholarships for the healthcare industry – Financial aid guide for the healthcare industry  – More college scholarship opportunities.  – More college scholarship opportunities. – a list of more than 60 no-cost scholarship search sites. – Student Loans Guide.  Compare reviews for student loans to find the best options for you. – a list of colleges with comprehensive programs for students with learning disabilities.  – Scholarships for Students with Disabilities – Financial Aid & Scholarships for Women – College Scholarships for Black Students. A guidebook that focuses on college affordability for African American students. The guide includes a directory of undergraduate and graduate scholarships, offers tips on how to apply, and has advice from education experts in the black community.  – Financial Aid & Scholarships for Online Students – How to Get Financial Aid for Your Public Service Degree

Christian College Websites:

Appalachian Bible College

Bob Jones University

Faith Baptist Bible College

Liberty University

Maranatha Baptist University

Pensacola Christian College