International Students

Welcome to Fourth Baptist Christian School!

Thank you for your interest in enrolling as an International student at FBCS. Our I-20 program is only available to 7th thru 12th grade students. It is a privilege for us to work with parents who are committed to Christian education and who desire their children in a program that strives for academic excellence and spiritual growth in a Christian environment.

International students may go through the process of application and may download all forms off of our this international student page. Upon acceptance into our program, the school will provide an I-20 form which will allow the student to apply for a visa from their country. There is a limited number of international students allowed into our program each year and these students are required to take ESL classes during the school day. They are also required to become a part of the host family and attend the family’s church services and activities throughout the week. There is often a Skype interview with the student and administrator prior to acceptance. Please contact the school office for more information: 763-417-8240.

International students will need to abide by our standards of conduct and dress as described in our Student Handbook. Please refer to the handbook for details.  A copy of our current FBCS Student Handbook is available here: Student Handbook 2017-18 FINAL VERSION A printable copy of our dress code only can be found here: FBCS Dress Code 2017-18

FBCS parents who desire to become a host family are encouraged to contact our Administrator, Mr. Hodak.

The first step is to read this application packet and determine if your child qualifies for enrollment:

1. Does your family regularly attend a Protestant Bible-believing church?

2. Do you agree with our FBCS Statement of Faith?

3. Do you agree with the Mission Statement and Purpose  and are you willing to support it’s policies and guidelines?

4. Does your child have a good academic and disciplinary record?

The following information must be submitted for registration.  All documents must be completed in English.

1. Registration Application Packet (includes student’s testimony and references)  Our Application Fee is $100 for international students. We also charge a $750/semester fee for ESL services.

    Downloadable pdf  Grades 7-12 Application Packet

2. Financial Responsibilities – International Applicants seeking I-20 status directly from our school may contact the school office (763) 417-8240 for financial information.

3. Authority to Release Records  Actual course names must be listed. (i.e. Algebra 1, not just “Math.”)

4. FBCS Parent Partnership Agreement – your signature indicates your agreement with the standards and policies in our handbook.

6. Copy of Passport (showing F-1 stamp if student is transferring)

7. MN State Health Immunization form  & MSHSL Physical Exam (required to participate in sports)

8. Sports Ins Card Form – an athlete must provide proof of insurance before being allowed to participate in FBCS athletic programs.

9. Home Language Survey – please let us know your primary spoken language. 

Once this information is received, you will be notified if you are a qualified candidate for our I-20 program and an interview will be scheduled. We will interview via Skype or phone.

After the interview, you will be notified of acceptance or denial. After acceptance, tuition and fees must be paid in full. An I-20 will not be issued if fees are not paid in full. See more information about Applying_to_be_non_immigrant_student.

Student acceptance is contingent upon finding Christian host families in our area. Families interested in hosting international students should contact Mr. Hodak via phone or e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding the enrollment process, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Alan Hodak, FBCS Administrator at, or Miss Mary Wickham, Administrative Secretary at

You may wish to go to the following websites for helpful information concerning your child’s education in the United States:

SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program)

U.S. State Department – general VISA information

For the nearest U.S. Embassy in your home country

Education USA website