Grandparents’ Day (& Parents’ Day)

Save the date!
Grandparents’/Parents’ Day this year is Friday, October 20th!

Grandparents’ Day are Parents’ Day are combined, bringing many, many guests to our campus, and we are delighted to have them!

The morning schedule typically is as follows:

8:30  –  9:00          Coffee & Refreshments in the Atrium — (fill out guest cards)

9:00  –  9:55           Visit Classrooms

10:00 – 10:55         Program in the Church Auditorium

11:00 – 12:30         Visit Classrooms, Lunch, Recess

K-4 Miss Hannah Seest 306
K-5 Mrs. Julie Roman 346
1ST Mrs. Amy Pickard 342
2ND Mrs. Diane Davis 341
3RD Mrs. Jody Faithfull 338
4TH Mrs. Kris Gustafson 327
5TH Mrs. Deb Leith 328
6TH Miss Megan Haynes 330