Admissions Policies

Admission to Fourth Baptist Christian School is a privilege, and is determined by academic testing, an interview to determine the student’s interest in academic and spiritual matters (grades 7-12), references, and by the prospective student’s general attitude toward the school and its policies. In order to maintain a Biblically-based Philosophy of Education and to insure a proper working format in strengthening our family units, it is necessary that at least one of the parents/guardians of all enrolled students (Grades 1 – 12) are scripturally born-again Christians. It is our desire to educate as many young people as possible, but we are not equipped to handle those with substantial learning disabilities, those with severe academic problems, or those with rebellious attitudes toward our rules and discipline.

Fourth Baptist Christian School does not accept scholarships from the Early Learning Grant or any government day care assistance funding of any kind.

Fourth Baptist Christian School accepts students without regard to race, sex, or national/ethnic origin.

It is necessary for the parents and students to agree with our Statement of Faith and positions noted therein. A signed Partnership Agreement indicating full support of our Parents/Student Handbook and Statement of Faith is required for admission.